Dan Tearle has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember, and developed an eye for detail from a young age studying things he was interested in. Growing up, he'd spend hours drawing spacecraft, aircraft or anything that he thought was interesting. He discovered that drawing something that he found interesting made the task so much easier. So when he started to follow the sport of American Football, in his teens, drawing his favourite players and teams was a natural thing to do. As he painted more and more, his attention to detail became even more intense and focused with each new work being carefully researched and planned to the best of Dan's (untrained) ability. Dan is self taught, and considers himself to be constantly learning, and is always eager to try new techniques and styles of artwork. As well as his football art, Dan does many commissions which cover a broad range of subjects and is always happy to accept new projects. Dan works with a variety of materials, primarily acrylic ink but also gouache and watercolour techniques, and has developed a personal style by combining these mixed materials to achieve a level of detail and realism that he is happy with. Dan also enjoys using oils, acrylics and inks on various surfaces and all sizes, and believes that you can create decent art with even the minimal of material. Dan is trying to establish himself as a football artist; no mean feat living on the other side of the world from where the sport is most well known, but is working hard at making the inroads to being discovered. With commissions from fans, former players and even the National Football League's UK division under his belt, Dan is optimistic and ready to build on his growing list of clients to provide quality, yet affordable, unique pieces of work. Recently, Dan achieved national exposure in the USA by being invited to exhibit a piece of work at the National Art Museum of Sports’ ‘Football Invitational’ Exhibition. Dan’s painting of former NFL great Barry Sanders was on show for nearly six months in Indianapolis. Testimonials "Paintings are of a very good standard and handled with great care. Very good price as well. I would recommend him to anybody who wants a good painting" Arran Brown "The sketch looked great, the attention to detail was fantastic. Overall I was very very impressed with the sketch and will be requesting more pics soon." Gareth Corser "The sheer level of detail and craftsmanship in his work is something to be behold. The attention to detail is immense and it has made my day to get my picture. Dan is a true gentleman and far too modest about his talent. I would easily recommend Dan to anyone." Craig Walker "I have the pleasure of owning seven pieces of Dan's great work. Six paintings and a drawing. Considering he admits to no formal training, the talent in his work is so evident, and inspiring . I now possess some of the pieces featured in the gallery. Such as the "Brett Favre" having a drink...in a word "Brilliant!". I also have two "Joe Montanas" a "Jerry Rice" a "Donovan McNabb" plus a "Peyton Manning" plus a great drawing of "Dennis Bergkamp", the ex Arsenal FC player. All excellent pieces, Keep up the great work Dan! " John Wilkinson "The picture was much better than I expected; my lad was really happy with the picture for his birthday" Noel O'Donnell "The blokes a buffoon." Dan Tearle